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The excitement and applause to an ice skater’s artistic spins can be heard in the

swirling colors of the twister bracelet. The vibrant energy of twister bracelet

will bring colors and motion onto your skin.



  • Produced with natural dyed silk threads, cotton ropes and gold-plated brass accessories.
    Gerekmesi halinde nemli bezle nazikçe siliniz.

  • Daisy: Painted with madder root and immortal flower.

    Peach: Dyed with cochineal, madder root, and avocado seeds

    Pinky: Dyed with cochineal and alkanna root.

    Safari: Dyed with sage.

    Tomato: Dyed with cochineal, madder root and alkanna root.

    Please contact us for your color preferences other than those in the sample.

    Due to the nature of natural dye, slight tonal differences are likely between the image and the color of your product.

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