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Nott came to life as a sustainable production suggestion to today’s

consumerist world. Silk, a material that roots back to five thousand years,

is given colors with another ancient tradition, natural dyeing. Our jewelry

dyed with roots, flowers, seeds, and minerals collected from nature will

provide you the pleasure to wear the rainbow on your skin.


Black is the most intense expression of pure power , passion, wisdom and grace

of enchantress nature…

The golden yellow of sun feeded botanicals.. which reflects earthly wealth and


BLACK CHARM Collection produced to remind urban woman her native forces .


  • Produced with natural dyed silk threads, cotton ropes and handcrafted silver bells . Silver hooks and bells are gold plated.
    If it fluctuates, you can straighten the tassel by washing or just soaking it and leave it to dry in the shade. Be sure to dry the metal part immediately.

  • Tassel Queen earring has an average length of 17 cm and an earring is 27 gr. If there is no special sensitivity, it can be used for hours without discomfort.

    Due to the nature of natural paint, there are likely to be slight tonal differences between the image and your product.


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