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Spiky Choker has a wide range of inspiration from Paleolithic tools, to face/body piercing jewelery handcrafted by indigenous communities and their modern variations.

With the help of Maia Kaja, the spikes/spikes that we have personally worked with with the wax technique and coated with gold will take you on a time travel and give you a rebellious and noble look. Somewhere within you, you will feel a primal, savage force awakening!




Black is the most intense expression of the pure power, passion, wisdom and grace inherent in the 'Sorceress Woman' archetype.

The plants that nourish their pigments with the sun are golden yellow, reflecting earthly richness and radiance...

Balancing feminine and masculine energies with the softness of silk, Black Charm collection was designed to remind urban women of their natural power.


  • From stone age tools to tribal handmade face/body piercing accessories and

    their modern day varieties, Spiky Choker has a wide range of inspiration. Spiky

    ends that were treated with candle technique with Maia Kaja’s help and plated

    with gold will take you to a trip in time and give you a rebellious and classy look

    at the same time. You’ll feel a primal and wild power rising somewhere inside



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