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Confident, proud, powerful and domineering.

Roarr was designed in collaboration with KHUN and NOTT for those who want to feel the power of felines in their souls.

Australian Aborigines take the name of the animal they want to carry the character traits of, or they carry a memory from their body as clothes, accessories or amulets. Thus, they believe that their souls are united.

On days when you want to roar gracefully, Roarr will give you strength!



  • Produced with natural dyed silk threads, cotton ropes and gold-plated brass accessories.
    If necessary, wipe gently with a damp cloth.

  • Red: Dyed with madder root.

    Orange: dyed with madder root.

    Green: Dyed with sage.


    Please contact us for your color preferences other than those in the sample.

    Due to the nature of natural dye, slight tonal differences are likely between the image and the color of your product.

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