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The colors of the leaves, flowers, roots and seeds of the plants that look like magic in the dye pot give life to NOTTs silk bracelets that contain daily elegance and joy!

Carry your roots connected to nature on your wrist with the colors and sparkle of the sun!


  • It is produced with silk threads, cotton ropes, gold-plated brass accessories and glass beads dyed with natural dyes.

    Wash by hand with natural soap, rubbing gently. Take the water with a towel and let it dry in the shade. In the meantime, make sure that the metal parts are dry.

  • Gradient Yellow: Dyed with pomegranate skin, spartium and immortal flower.

    Light Pink: Dyed with cochineal.

    Dark Pink: Dyed with cochineal.

    Grey: Dyed with eucalyptus bark.

    Cream: Dyed with walnut skin.

    Bitter Brown: Dyed with walnut skin.

    Light Orange: Dyed with madder root and lemon.

    Dark Orange: Dyed with madder Root.

    Navy Blue: Dyed with Indigo.

    Red: Dyed with madder root.

    Red brown: dyed with madder root and walnut skin.

    Warm Yellow: Dyed with immortal flower.

    Lemon Yellow: Dyed with Osage orange.

    Gold: Dyed with harmal seeds.

    Pistachio Green: Painted with sage and immorrtal flower.

    Khaki: Dyed with sage, spartium, immortal flower and chamomile.

    Green: Dyed with sage.

    Gradient Red: Dyed with madder root.

    Red-Green: Dyed with madder root and sage.

    Indigo Ebruli: Dyed with indigo.

    Bougainvillea: Dyed with cochinael and madder root.

    Please contact us for your color preferences other than those in the sample. Due to the nature of natural dye, slight tonal differences are likely between the image and the color of your product.

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